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Teach English In Japan

American-English is among the most well-known languages all throughout the world. This is a result of America’s popularity within the global market, ranking high as a huge earning country. Other than its economy, the nation is also famous for its culture, politics, and history. Tourists travel to the United States, wherein their popular destinations usually include Hollywood, Las Vegas, and the beaches of Miami. These are just some of the reasons why there are a lot of individuals who want to study the language. Japan is among the countries which have seen the great need to learn English.

There are other types of foreign languages which are being taught in Japan. However, most of the 5,000 language schools within the country are bent on teaching their students English. What is more, the ministry of education realized that it would be better to start language training at an early age. This way, when the kids reach middle school, they are more fluent with English. Hence, the reason why this is included within the grade school curriculum. In turn, there are lots of opportunities to teach English in Japan. Along with this need is the requirement that the applicant must be a native speaker of English.

If you plan to teach English in Japan, especially in a small language school, you are required to obtain a legal working visa. You also need to meet various qualification standards. Plus, you need to have previous teaching experience. Since, some of the schools within the country are located in outskirt areas; you will be provided with free accommodation or your own car.

Among the cities of the country where you can teach English is Kani. You will be teaching at a school which is found close to Nagoya. You will not find this job difficult since you will only be handling a small class. Furthermore, the environment is comfortable and cheerful. The English courses here are personalized, so that the students will be able to learn more easily. You will earn 250,000 yen to 288,000 yen every month. Your salary will depend on the quality of your credentials and your previous experience.