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How Important been Polite Is

A good way to comprehend how important been polite is, is to place yourself in the other persons position, as an example imagine you were the one looking for a new employee and you had two applicants to interview. One of which responded with “please” and “thank you” while the other just spoke to you as if the whole thing was a waste of time, which individual would you go for? It’s most likely that you would pick the polite and well mannered contender. Generally employers desire respectable and polite people as their employees.

A good polite employee can help a business develop. This is very true when direct customer contact is required as part of the job. For example in the retail area an employee with a bad attitude can cause distress to the customers who will in turn take their custom somewhere else, where as a kind polite employee will make the customer feel good and pleased with the company. That is the same reason why it is vital to be polite when dealing with all potential employers as they will be looking at how you deal with people, no matter which kind of industry you are interested in working for.

When applying for a job its crucial to be polite at all times and not just during the interview, this is a mistake loads of job seekers make as they think the only person they impress is the interviewer. This is a huge mistake because after you have left the interviewer might ask other people such as the receptionist about your attitude. It is also extremely important to be polite when talking to anyone over the phone as you might not be aware of who it is you are chatting to, or how well they know the management. to summarize whether you are having a discussion with a secretary or head manager you should always be polite and courteous.