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Hate Your Job, Do You?

Most millionaires are still working.

Now there are a lot of people who just cannot understand why someone who is worth millions of dollars is still working. Why? They have plenty of money. They don’t need to work.

They could be on the golf course every single day. They could be lying on the beach somewhere, sipping those drinks with the little umbrellas. They could even be on an exotic world cruise. Why in the world are they working when they don’t have to?

There are a great number of people who dream of having millions of dollars and not doing any work at all. They can see themselves spending their days just relaxing, finally done with that nasty four letter word, “work.”

One of the biggest reason people think that way is because they hate their job. So many feel like a slave to a company. They feel like all they do is simply make the company a lot of money while getting paid a meager salary.

And so, they go to work each day grumbling and complaining. They just put in their time. And, please don’t expect anything extra from them because they hate their job!

Well, first of all, let’s not forget the arrangement we make when we accept a job. No matter what job we take, we are simply agreeing to do certain things for a certain amount of pay. We are not given a job because someone feels sorry for us. We are hired to do a job so that we earn money, and so that the company can not only make money, but also make a profit.

If a person is not happy with their current job, they need to find a different one and stop blaming “the man” for taking advantage of them. They simply need to look for something better.

Because so many people do not like their job, the words, “work” and “job” have become negative words. You hear people say, “I gotta get up and go to work,” or, “I hate my job,” or “Maybe I can get off work early today.” You’ve probably heard someone say, “With the amount of work I do around here, I don’t know why they won’t pay me any more money,” or, “This job sucks.”

That’s why many people if they had a few million dollars, would never work a day in their lives again. And yet, there are countless millionaires who are still working. Why?

It’s because they love their work. They love what they do. They feel fulfilled in doing their job. So they stay at it. Now, of course, many do not work a 40-hour week. And sure, they take plenty of time off to enjoy life. But the point is that they enjoy what they do.

A big key to being successful, and you’ll read it in nearly every success book, is to find something that you love doing, and then do it. And if you can’t make that transition today, start planning to do so.

And it really doesn’t matter what the job is. No job is insignificant. Just find something that you can do that you also love to do, and your whole perspective on working will change. You will feel fulfilled. And, you it will open big doors for your success.

By the way, the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, worth billions, finally retired from Microsoft. He did that so that he could spend all his time managing his charities. Yes, he’s still working, and still loving doing what he’s doing.