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New Graduates Job Market Strategies

Ideally, the best time for graduates to start looking for an entry level job is before you graduate. College Career Centers are very helpful when utilized. They offer counseling and other career tools, career fair opportunities and internship availabilities. The internships are invaluable beginning for soon-to-be graduates and often a requirement for many degrees. Nearly 60% of interns are asked to stay on permanently after graduation and at the very least; the internship can act as a great reference when getting into the real world after graduation.

For those who were enjoying being in the moment and now are a little in the past – what do you do? First, realize that you need to decide on which career direction you are interested. What is your current career objective? Not sure? Don’t worry many graduates aren’t – instead of procrastinating or doing nothing – chose a path and get started! You can always change your mind and steer yourself in another direction later but you’ll never know what you do like if you don’t find out what you don’t like.

Career coaching is very effective in helping graduates narrow the possible career paths. They offer a variety of tools to help you understand which industries, fields, and work environments best fit you. Use of career assessment with a professional assessment administrator is a good way to start and can be very helpful. Assessments will reveal what your strengths are and usually will provide a great list of career options to think about.

Next is your gathering of career tools. I would of course recommend an experienced certified resume writer, one who is willing to assist you as you make your way through the preparation process. A well focused resume is the most powerful tool you can have, so your career objective at this point is a must! You’ll need at least a presentation resume, cover letter and follow-up letter and an ASCII resume. If your resume writer doesn’t provide additional services in job market strategies they are usually a pretty good source for where to find the services you will need such as interview or career coaching, a resume distribution service and a posting service. Although these additional services will cost you initially, you will save yourself time and much frustration plus with the coaching you will receive pivotal information that will give you an edge or advantage over other applicants during an interview.