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Management Competences in Find Job

If you are looking for a job, it is important to note what management competences will be required for the type of position you are looking for. E.g., if you are looking for a job that requires being in charge of many people, leadership and people skills will be the most important competences. Nevertheless, if the positions you are interested in involve reviewing many documents and other people’s work, the most important abilities will be attention to detail and follow up abilities.

Once you’ve identified what management competences are required for the jobs you want, it is important to increase your abilities in those areas. A book on management should help you identify what each competency entails, and let you know what to work on for each skill. Books like modern management (cram101 textbook outlines – textbook not included) are especially helpful because they will give you a broad idea of different skills required for management.

When you know what to learn to gain competences in your identified areas, spend some time focusing on each one. Giving yourself daily and weekly goals in your quest for skills will keep you on track. If you’re lucky, you’ve read a book on management before, and already know what skills you possess. Don’t neglect these skills either! Identify your strengths; emphasize them in interviews, and work to make them even better.

You should be aware of how your management competences will be assessed in interviews. When the companies use assessment instruments or tests, you will know you’re being tested. It may be useful to you to know about these tests to udnerstand what to expect from your interview.

Your behavior is considered as clues to your competences by some interviewers. It pays to be polite and respectful to every person you meet from the secretary to the CEO of the company. Likewise, make sure that every detail, including spelling and grammar, on your resume and cover letter is correct. These indicators will be observed and conclusions will be drawn as to your attention to detail or ability to relate to other people

By being aware of what management competences are required for your desired job, increasing those competences, and portraying them in your interview, you will have better luck at getting management jobs.