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Career Phases and Its Advice


This is where you start the career. To many people, this stage is not easy. Lack of experience causes lack of delivering the best works. As a result, self confidence may go down and you start to believe that your capability may not be enough. Especially if the working environment doesn’t support your learning to face problems.

Advice : Don’t shy and be eager to ask questions. Be polite when asking for explanation from colleague or supervisor on working details. Don’t forget to review and fix unfinished work. To be more solid, use extra time to learn your working area. If your background education doesn’t match with the job, taking courses outside the work will increase your capability.

Challenging, Want to try all

At this period, you start to skillfully finish the works as required by job description. Energy is high and you feel like want to do all projects. Be careful, don’t be too ambitious! The risk is you can be overloaded and worst is all deadlines are not achieved!

AdviceĀ : Take some control. Make priority list and finish all works. If you feel all works have been well done, ask some feed back from senior colleague or supervisor. If not satisfied, keep asking other assignment and increase your knowledge and skills.

Establishment, Getting settle

Here, you must be in higher position. Your capability is developed. This situation may trigger your passion to reach higher to achieve your main career objective.

Advice : Don’t be satisfied too quickly! Even if you were able to finish all the works with closed eyes, it doesn’t mean the challenge is not there. Especially if you want to reach the top and off course salary increase! Ask supervisor or manager to review your works. The point is keep doing the best. In addition, keep building your competency to stay competitive.

Cruising, Career aspiration is in hand!

You have gained trust to sit in high position. Wait! It doesn’t mean you are free of problems. Given all times you have been through, this phase could make you boring.

Advice : Get your adrenalin to expel your boredom. Try new ideas or seek other activities to build your capability. Be a teacher, for example. Next, be honest to yourself, are you completely satisfied with your achievement? Your answer will determine your next move.

Disengagement, Choosing to pursue another career.

When someone has reached his or her success, he or she may think to try another “field” or make different priority in life.

Advice : Before the decision is taken, spend some time to think about it. Don’t make a decision based on an interim boredom. If you finally decide to take a new road, be responsible and move on.